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Oh how I’ve missed you!  Now that my second baby is turning one and totally have this mother-of-two thing figured out and mastered (HAHAHAHAHA), I’m ready to open back up shop to more mamas and offer coaching spots both for individuals and groups.  In other words, ROCK ON.

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Stay tuned for exciting things to come this fall.

Can’t wait to hear from you.  🙂


Struggling with Getting Motivated?

Ahhh. It’s finally arrived. Springtime. So many of us while sitting at home freezing our a’s off in winter, dreamt of the time when the leaves return, when we could walk out the door without a 20 minute procedure of wrestling with little ones to force mittens, hats, and Antarctic-ready outerwear on their chilly, wee bodies. In winter, we had a whole list of activities/goals that we were going to do when the warm weather finally arrived- things we couldn’t wait to get to.

And now the spring is here. Why are we finding that these things we’ve planned- couldn’t wait to do- are taking their time to come to fruition? We aren’t quite “hitting the ground running” as we Funny fitness woman ready for gymnastickthought we would. And then we beat ourselves up for it.

This is a theme now among so many of my clients. I have these things I want to accomplish. I keep failing at doing them. I feel like a failure. I just can’t get motivated.

So, for this post, I want to give you some things to think about on how to find some motivated to set you in action.


Shut off the Self-Defeating Voice

What are some of the things you think to yourself when you “fail” to meet your goals? Ones I hear all the time are things like,

“What’s wrong with me?”

“I’m so lazy.”

“I’ll start fresh on Monday since I have already blown this week”.

“I can’t do anything right”.

“I wish I was as motivated as ___.”

“I’m not good at this”.

“I’m a failure”.

We all have our go-to self-critical statements. And man, are they vicious. Imagine you saying these things to another person (which you would NEVER DO! So, btw, why is it okay to say to yourself?). How do you think the person would feel after hearing these messages about themselves?

Defective, inadequate, defeated, disheartened, stuck, disappointed, depressed, frustrated etc.

Let me ask you this… How motivated do you expect to be when you feel this way?


The messages we give to ourselves (aka THOUGHTS), are so incredibly important. They determine how we feel and what we do. When we feel defeated, we do the opposite of what we want which is inaction (or which is eating a tub of ice cream, drinking a bottle of wine, or [insert behaviors that definitely don’t help our cause]).


Get to the heart of the matter

So, what helps when we catch ourselves engaging in negative, self-critical thought, is focusing on the WHY behind what we want to do. Really think about the answers to these questions:

Why do we truly want to achieve this goal? What’s at the heart of it? How will we feel when we get there? How will we feel when we even just take one step forward towards making the dream a reality? How will accomplishing this affect our life?

Focus on THAT.

Sometimes, once we get those answers, it’s very easy to revert back to the whole “but, it feels like I’m never going to get there” thing. Stop yourself. Get back to the heart of it. And read on.


Find an accountability buddy

It can be tremendously powerful to have a friend who also wants to accomplish a goal (which should be all of your friends, by the way) and is willing to partner up with you. You don’t have to be working towards the same thing, just both be aiming for something that is taking a little work to stick to. Develop a plan and communicate to hold one another accountable for taking small steps.


Set yourself up for success

You may have a lofty goal that is going to take a lot of work to accomplish or a smaller goal that just requires getting started and a little consistency. Either way, we need to break down the goal into steps. Something nearly all of my clients are familiar with is my philosophy that in order to get in motion, we have to:

Set yourself up to succeed.

What do I mean by this? In order to gain momentum and turn a “have to” into a “want to”, we have to feel like we are winning. Even just a little. Like I mentioned before, when we are consistently not meeting our goals, we aren’t motivated. We feel beat up.

Many times, the problem lies in the goals themselves (when I say goals here I mean the action steps towards accomplishing your ultimate goal). Nine times out of ten, we are setting our expectations too high- and consequently setting ourselves up to fail.

I’m not saying don’t aim for the stars. AIM for those bad boys. But when it’s the “getting started” thing that we are struggling with, we often need to tweak our steps to allow ourselves some wins.

Let’s use an example:

Let’s say your ultimate goal is to lose 20 pounds by September.

The goals (steps) you set are: to work out four times a week by running 3 miles on Monday and Wednesday and doing a 60 minute workout videos on Thursday and Saturday.

But then you struggle getting started on Monday and then you find that the whole week is shot. Why? Because you feel defeated. Like you’ve failed even before you started.

These workout goals might be totally doable for you down the road, but when you are looking to get into a new routine, this seems like a little much to start.

Let’s set you up to succeed.

I encourage my clients to make action steps that are REALLY small and flexible to start. For some, it feels really weird and certainly “not good enough”. Work through that. Stick with me.

In the example, this might mean to do one workout in the week on whatever day they feel like it. Maybe they’ll go on an hour walk. Or maybe they’ll do one 30 minute workout video. But that is it.

Just make sure your action steps are specific, measurable, and time-limited.

With these steps, the easier the better. Why? Because the chances that they’ll actually achieve these mini-goals are much better. And then they scored a win. And a win means everything.

Compare how you feel with a win vs a week of inaction.

Set your goals small and slowly work your way up. You’ll feel the momentum and the behaviors you want will be much more likely here to stay.


Celebrate every win

I don’t care how you do this. It could be just by telling your accountability buddy that you accomplished your goal (as long as they’ll do a little cheering for you). Maybe it’s buying yourself a pedicure. Or allowing yourself to watch a movie while your kids are napping (god forbid!). Give yourself a little credit for doing EXACTLY what you said you would do. You are busy. You are human.   You deserve success.

What Happens When We Don’t Allow for Mommy Time?

[Ever write an entire blog without saving it and then logging back onto your computer to post only to find that it is missing and not listed in the trusty “document recovery” section of Word but then it magically appears there two weeks later? Weird! Me too! So if this post seems like it was written a few weeks ago, that’s because it totally was.]  So, without further ado…




At one point or another, I hear from every coaching client that they sometimes find themselves being short and reactive with their little ones. Snapping at their husbands. Feeling moody or just blah. I often hear the words, something is just missing in my life. Aaaaaand I’ve felt it.

There is a message being sent to you during these times Very surprised screaming housewifewhere you just don’t feel like yourself. Can you hear it?

My little guy has had two back-to-back illnesses so lately we’ve spent A LOT of time at home. Taking him to outdoor space hasn’t been an option due to the snow-slush-ice-bullshit EVERYWHERE (hostility? Naah. ). So, we have cancelled all of our activities (therefore my daytime adult interaction), take treacherous and brutally slow and slippery walks over mounds of said bullshit just to get out of the house and make the best of it.

Sometimes self-awareness doesn’t come quite as quickly as we’d like. Sometimes you don’t notice until the tears start rolling or the screams start detonating (or until you realize you haven’t brushed your teeth/hair or changed out of your pajamas until 3PM- not that I can relate to this in any possible way) that something needs to change.

We all get very engrossed in our lives. So much so, that it can be difficult to remember to take a moment to do a self-check.

Ask yourself, “how am I doing?”- just like you might regularly ask a loved one.

Chances are, if you are feeling totally overwhelmed, stuck, reactionary, temperamental, unfulfilled, disengaged, etc., your answer to that question might surprise you.

The next question I have for you is:

When is the last time you attended to your OWN needs? When did you last do something to nurture your soul, your body, your spirit?

The messages we’re being sent when we are acting so out of character are often that we aren’t taking care of our own needs.  You all know what happens when we don’t allow for mommy time. We become the less-than-amazing mommies that we all strive to be. We snap at our children a little easier and aren’t as present in our relationships. We are more negative. We struggle with motivation. And the list goes on and on.

What would it feel like to take a walk alone with headphones or just in silence? How would it feel to bring a book or journal to the coffee shop for a half hour… ALONE? What would a night out with the girls or your partner do for your mood? A meditation or yoga class? A mani-pedi? When is the last time you allowed for some kind of self-expression?

There are endless ideas to consider when thinking of restorative, “me” time. And it all doesn’t have to cost money. Perhaps ask your partner to watch the little ones for a half hour. Or ask another mommy to swap a few hours sitting one another’s kiddos. I’m sure she could use some alone time too!

We have to open our minds for solutions and sometimes get creative. It’s easy to focus on the problem of “not enough (time, money, friends, babysitters, etc).” when the truth is that if you really value self-care (and I HOPE YOU DO!), and you stop making excuses then you will make this happen in some way.

So stop making excuses. Stop ignoring your own needs. You are more than a momma. You are a person who has her own needs and deserves time to herself. Working or SAHM. Let’s all remember to check in with ourselves and nurture the complex individual women that we sometimes forget we are.

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Each session will have a general topic with plenty of room for individual coaching. Topics covered include:


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  • How to take charge and become the driver of your life (instead of the passenger).


  • How to find a healthy balance and practice self-care (say what?!).


  • How to make your schedule work for you.


  • How to eliminate barriers that have been getting in your way.


  • And one bonus session where the group decides what to work on!


If you are interested in joining the test group, contact Kacey Kaufman, CPC, LCSW-R, ELI-MP aka The Rad Mom Coach at kacey@theradmom.com. We will then schedule a short phone call where we will decide if you are a good match for the group. Don’t procrastinate because the group should fill up quickly!

Excited to hear from the lucky six!



Four Ways to Stay Rad this Holiday Season

What’s the first thing to come to mind when you think about the approaching holidays? Images of unwrapped gifts, daunting travel plans, overwhelming to-do lists and empty wallets plague your mind? We, especially as parents, have a set of unrealistic expectations Baby trying to smear mothers nose with flour while making christmas cookiesabout what things “should” look like this time of the year and this picture is overwhelming. Here are four ways to rock out this holiday season.  Click each step if you wanna learn more.


  1. Simplify


Why you are really rocking 4 million twinkling lights in every crevice of your home when, perhaps, 2 million will honor the holiday spirit just fine? Why obsess about giving family 4.9 presents a piece when one or two more thoughtful gifts would be appreciated? (I know, the kids are a whole different story). Must you attend every holiday party in a 100 mile radius? Take a look at your holiday practices and LET GO of as many as you can. Trust me, you’ll feel the relief.


  1. Learn to Say No


To the requests and demands of others. This is a popular coaching topic for my clients as it can be difficult to stand your ground on setting boundaries. Know what’s important for YOUR family and say no to the things that aren’t truly necessary. Focus on the reasons you are saying no while kicking those thoughts that trigger guilt to the curb.


  1. Accept Your Limitations


You ‘re crazy-busy for the other ten months of the year. Now add onto the holiday to-do list and it’s obvious that doing “it all” is virtually impossible. Why is this? Because it is virtually impossible. For every parent. It’s okay (and healthy) to accept that we all have limitations.


  1. Be Deliberate


When you can focus your holiday on what really matters to you, you get to bask in the warm, loving feelings the magical season exudes while drastically lessening the emotional toll. Ask yourself. What 3 things do you want to enjoy the most this holiday season? Focus on the NECESSARY things to make these a reality. Then ask yourself. What 3 things do you not want to be stressed about this year?



You have the power to make your family’s experience as magical (and relaxed) as you choose. Choose to be intentional this holiday season and see what’s possible!