Meet Your Coach


Kacey Kaufman, AKA the Rad Mom Coach, is a midwest-transplant living in Brooklyn, NY with her two sons, husband and her two old-as-hell cats.  She is deep in the trenches of motherhood, surviving a baby and toddler (so far, anyway). 

Kacey’s coaching style is much IMG_5441like her personality- uniquely empathic, high-energy and fun-loving with plenty of humor, a splash of edginess and a whole lotta heart.

Kacey is a certified professional coach, receiving her coaching education from the Institute of the Professional Education of Coaching (iPEC).  She is also a Master Practitioner of the Energy Leadership Index.  Kacey attended Indiana University which she earned her Bachelor of Science in Applied Health Science where her focus of study was in Human Development and Family Studies.  She also holds three minors in Psychology, Sociology and Human Sexuality.  Kacey has extensive knowledge in the area of childhood development and family systems.  After undergrad, Kacey attended Rutger’s University where she obtained her Masters of Social Work, again specializing in children and families.  Kacey has many years of experience as a psychotherapist working with an array of individuals from the seriously mentally ill to fully functioning executives. 

My Journey to Coaching              

“My experiences with new motherhood began long before I had children of my own.  As a psychotherapist, I had the honor of supporting many women transition into the role of mother.  Helping mamas to lift that dark cloud surrounding them was a highlight of my career as a therapist.  Many of my clients had symptoms associated with post-partum depression; however, many also did not.   Many women I came across did not actually “need” therapy, per se, but really had nowhere else to turn during this challenging period of life.  This struck me.  If there were this many fully-functioning mothers finding help from a therapist, how many needed support yet did not reach out to get it?

The delicate nature of this transition into parenthood is an area often neglected in our society.   Parents are often surprised by the real challenges associated with this profound life change.  Women often expect total joy and euphoria after becoming a mother and are often left feeling ashamed when they feel incomplete or miss their lives pre-children.  Many don’t seek support or even admit they aren’t feeling fulfilled.  Loss of identify, isolation, insecurity are all normal reactions to this transition yet no one talks about it. 

My first encounter with the field of coaching came after a long conversation with a friend who had recently undergone an intensive coaching program.  His positive energy radiated and filled the room around him- it was palpable.  He spoke about these incredible, monumental life-changes.  His attitude was so empowered and contagious.  I had to learn more.  I signed up for coaching school not a month later. 

Psychotherapy is designed to move a person from “dysfunctional” to “functional”.  Coaching is designed to move a person from “functional” to “optimal”.  Coaching clients are highly motivated for change.  Traditional therapy approaches focus on the “problems” and there is much time spent exploring a client’s past.  The therapist is viewed as “expert” and assumes the position of knowing what’s best for clients.  This approach is highly important for and beneficial to many people with legitimate mental health concerns.  (It is worth noting that there are many other valuable approaches to psychotherapy which do not focus on problems, e.g. CBT, positive psychology, solution-focused therapy, etc.).  Coaches do not consider themselves experts but partners.   During a coaching session, you identify your problem areas but then quickly move towards eliminating your blocks and finding powerful solutions.  Focus is spent on improving mindfulness and building conscious-based living.  After a coaching session, you feel recharged, you experience a shift in mindset, you have a plan and you are READY to move forward.

New mothers often experience blocks in finding a fulfilling life-balance.  I wanted to create a space where mothers could turn to without judgment.  I wanted a place where life-altering change happens quickly.  I wanted to partner with women with the goal of discovering empowerment, balance and authentic living.  I wanted to leave every session feeling like my client is a big step closer to living with joy and confidence.  I have created this space for you.  You don’t even have to leave your living room for our sessions.  What are you waiting for, mama?  Join me.”

Reclaim Your Fire for Life. 

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