One thing that is so wonderfully therapeutic about writing a coaching/parenting blog is that I have regular opportunities to choose topics that benefit more than just my Rad Moms. As a WAHM, I, too, find myself challenged by some of the same issues that I hear my coaching moms say during our sessions. When I decide to write about a certain topic, I ask myself, “What do I need to hear right now?”. Chances are that I’m not alone in needing to hear these reminders, especially during the holiday season.


I love the holidays. LOVE them. I soak up the warmth and generous spirit and energy of it all. But with that being said, there seems to be so many obligations that come along with celebrating the season. Moms are crazy busy as it is. Like, “how the hell am I going to get all of this sh#% done” crazy January to November. December?  Oh hell no.


Along with these obligations, complicated emotions easily stuffed down from Jan-Nov seem to pop right to the Let things go postersurface during this time of the year. Complex relationship issues, guilt, grief, control issues, dread, harmful belief systems, loneliness, self-criticism, resentments, anxiety, ALL OF IT right there in your face. With all of this emotion on top of our usual and holiday obligations, no wonder moms are feeling overwhelmed.


I want to give all of us permission right now to do something powerful and easy, if you allow it to happen.


Let it go.


That’s right. Just let it go.


Ride the wave of emotion. Acknowledge and validate the feelings. Be kind to yourself. Breathe. Breathe again. One more time. Give yourself permission to let them pass. Let it go.




Holding on to things does you no good. It only robs you of the joy of this moment. This beautiful moment happening around you right now.

What can you let go of this season?

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