New Round of Rad Mom Group Coaching!

We are quickly filling up.  Get after it!

Rad Moms:

  • Does your life feel completely out of balance?
  • Have you lost touch with whom you are as an individual?
  • Do you feel stuck or unsatisfied with the way things have been going?
  • Having trouble with planning and staying organized?
  • Ready to take back control of your life and become more fulfilled?


It’s time to take positive action to living a more fulfilled and joyful life, ladies.  Let’s do this.


The Rad Mom Coach is launching the next  6-week program for moms who answered yes to any of the questions above.  And it’s all done on the phone from the privacy of your home.  You don’t even have to wear pants!

Regularly priced at $450, six of you will join the program for only $249.  That’s less than $42 per session.  Crazy cheap.

The program includes:

  • Six, 1-hour phone group sessions with 5-7 other mothers who know exactly how you are feeling.
  • One, 30-min INDIVIDUAL coaching session to help you clarify how you want to live with more balance and fire for life.
  • Weekly workbooks to help you dig into what makes you joyful and to set goals towards living with more balance.
  • A private Facebook group designed for the six mommas to support and interact with one another between and after sessions. This group will remain in place if mommas want to plan to stay in touch or continue your relationships after we finish up.
  • Accountability to help you actually follow through with the actions that you want to take in your life.


Each session will have a general topic and the freedom to talk about anything on our mom’s minds.  Topics covered include:

  • How to reconnect with yourself and become clear on your vision for your life.
  • How to take charge and become the driver of your life instead of the passenger.
  • How to find a healthy balance and practice self-care (say what?!).
  • How to make your schedule work for you.
  • How to eliminate barriers that have been getting in your way.
  • And one session where the group decides what to work on!

If you are interested in joining the group, contact Kacey Kaufman, CPC, LCSW-R, ELI-MP aka The Rad Mom Coach at ( or reply to this message.  We will then schedule a short phone call where we will decide if you are a good match for the group.  Don’t procrastinate because the group should fill up quickly!


“Finding Balance in the Mommy Role” Workshops in Brooklyn!

“Finding Balance in the Mommy Role”


Class Details:

Kacey Kaufman, AKA The Rad Mom Coach, partners with mothers to redefine and rediscover that precious sense young mother and baby lying in bedof life-balance that is so easily lost in the challenging role of motherhood. In this 60-minute workshop, The Rad Mom Coach shares how to:

  • Identify your barriers to finding a healthy balance and then kick their asses.
  • Learn your own formula for finding fulfillment.
  • Clarify and honor your priorities.
  • Understand the role of guilt.
  • Fulfill your self-care needs.
  • Set realistic goals to reclaiming your joy.

During the workshop, you will be given a workbook to take home. Also included in the price is a follow-up, individualized phone coaching session which will give you the much-needed inspiration to ensure that you are honoring yourself. We’ll see how you’ve implemented your workshop knowledge into your day-to-day life and if you haven’t, we’ll use the session to identify what has gotten in your way!



$30- Includes workbook and a one-on-one personalized, follow-up phone coaching session.


Upcoming Dates (more dates in Carroll Gardens, Bed-Stuy and other BK neighborhoods coming soon!):

When:  Monday October 20, 2014 7:00-8:00PM

Where:  Caribou Baby

272 Driggs Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11222 map

(347) 460-BABY (2229)

Register here or email


 When:  Tuesday October 28, 2014 7:00-8:00 PM

Where:  baby/mama (Bay Ridge)

9002 3rd Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11209 map


Register here or email


When:  Tuesday, November 4, 2014 7:00-8:00PM

Where:  SuperFrench (Bed-Stuy)

521 Halsey St

Brooklyn, NY 11233 map


Register here or email


About the instructor:

The Rad Mom Coach, Kacey Kaufman, CPC, ELI-MP, LCSW-R is a certified life and transition coach as well as a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist.  She received her Bachelors of Science in Human Development/Family Studies at Indiana University and her Masters of Social Work at Rutgers University.  She is a proud graduate of one of the premiere coaching schools in the world, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.  She is also a master practitioner of Energy Leadership Index.  Kacey’s passions lie in empowering women to push their limits and in being authentic in her mothering role.  She resides in Brooklyn, NY but her laugh can be heard for miles.  Learn more about her at her website at or connect with her on Twitter ( or Facebook (