What is a Rad Mom?

What is a Rad Mom?


Before I answer, let me tell you a little bit about the journey my clients go through…

My typical client has always been a dynamic, joyful and spirited woman.  A lover of life.  Like everyone, she’s had her ups and downs but she has always been an effective individual who has felt a sense of control in her life.  Somewhat of an “out of the box thinker,” she values her happiness and her freedom.

Adjusting to parenthood, however, has been MUCH harder than expected. Her life has been turned upside down. 

Since becoming a mother, she has lost her voice.  She feels completely out of touch with her former self and worries that it’s gone forever. 



Many new moms are surprised by their experiences with the following:

  • Feeling guilty, disconnected, self-conscious, lost, isolated, disenchanted, judged.
  • Missing her life prior to baby.
  • Believing that her life is completely out of her control, like she is now the passenger instead of the driver.
  • Feeling as though her spirit and identity have been stripped.
  • Feeling stuck and powerless to make positive change.

Some have even wondered, “Is this post-partum depression?”

This couldn’t be any farther away from who you are as a person.  You are a pretty happy person who is empowered, loves life AND is comfortable in your own skin.

Having a child does change nearly everything in your life, however…

Becoming a mother does not have to change who you are at your core.  There is plenty of room for you to be yourself


a kick ass mom.


So, back to the definition of a Rad Mom…

A RAD MOM leaves our coaching relationship realizing that she is amazingly, perfectly unique and pretty f’in fabulous.

A Rad Mom feels confident and proud of who she is as a woman AND as a mother. 

Her purpose and passions are ignited, sometimes for the first time in her life!  She exudes radiance and witnesses how this incredible transformation impacts every aspect of her life (like her ability to parent, her relationships, health, social life, and the list continues, sister).

She is an amazing example for her children because the little ones get to witness first-hand what self-care looks like (which is an awesome and oftentimes ignored lesson).   By valuing herself, she is encouraging her kids to love and value themselves as well.  (rad)   When mothers are healthy and joyful, they are better mothers.  Period.

A RAD MOM realizes that if she doesn’t take care of herself, she really can’t take care of anyone else. 

Because she knows this, her debilitating guilt has been set free.  She understands that no matter what the external circumstances (now or in the future), she always has the power and awareness to live life how she wants.

She feels more balanced.  Relieved, proud and vivacious, she has found true joy and fulfillment during this precious time in her life.

Now, come on, seriously…  how Rad is that?


“True success lies not in just being yourself, nor in doing the best you can, but in knowing the two are the same.”   –Bruce D. Schneider


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