What is Coaching?

Support for Mothers

What is Coaching?

As a professional coach, we support mothers using a unique and POWERFUL process that transforms you and your world from the core.  Kacey Kaufman, The Rad Mom Coach, coaches women to:

Close the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

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For many moms, the new role of motherhood is a rough transition.  They often find that new motherhood is VERY different than expected.  Click HERE to read more on that. 

Kacey Kaufman AKA The Rad Mom Coach partners with mothers to support them in rediscovering who they are as individuals.  We uncover your dreams and passions; what you actually want out of your life.  Using Kacey’s knowledge, experience and mad skills we get you where you want to be.  We reclaim your fire for life.

Traditional professional coaches support people in accomplishing their goals by setting steps and holding them accountable.  However, people are just not that simple. 

The Rad Mom Coach does not only focus on “outer work”.  Although extremely helpful and part of what I do as a coach, the progress using this style of coaching alone is not sustainable. 

Kacey, with her years of experience as both as coach and a psychotherapist, is also quite gifted in a key missing piece, the deeper, “inner work” (more about that in a sec). 

Her coaching style is much like her personality- uniquely empathic and intuitive, high-energy and fun-loving with plenty of humor, a splash of edginess and a whole lotta heart.  

The Rad Mom coaching clients gain profoundly valuable insight and awareness into who they are as individuals, accomplish unimaginable goals AND have one hell of a good time in the process. 

Many of my clients feel like they’ve known me for years.  Why?  Because I have a true gift to connect with individuals at their core very quickly and make them feel extremely comfortable in the process. 

The Rad Mom Coach creates SUSTAINABLE, LASTING CHANGE with her clients not just by focusing on goal setting but by combining it with the transformational “inner work”… her forte.  Using highly-personalized and proven strategies we uncover and eliminate (not just move through) your barriers- what’s keeping you stuck.  As partners, we break through limiting thoughts and beliefs (such as “I no longer have time for myself”, “I’m not allowed to focus on myself anymore”, “my pre-baby self is gone forever”, “my needs don’t matter anymore”, and endless other horrible things we tell ourselves) and replace them with supportive, empowering and REALISTIC beliefs that work FOR us, not against us.  We challenge harmful assumptions and interpretations and silence the nasty self-critic. 

We explore what life means to you and what makes you tick.  We examine and discover WHO YOU ARE and HOW YOU ARE SHOWING UP in your daily life and in your role as an individual, mother, partner, sister, friend, daughter, etc. 

In conjunction with this transformational and profoundly deep work, we move our moms forward to take powerful, purposeful and consistent action that lasts.  So flippin rad.


How does it work?

My individual coaching sessions are done over the phone, for many reasons.  One is that I understand how busy your schedule is and the difficulty in finding the time for yourself.  No commute and EXCESSIVE planning necessary!  Yesssss.  Just find a room where you can have support for mothers, new moms, the new mother, mom coachsome privacy and pick up the phone.  I can support mother across the globe in less time, too.  Simply stated, it’s just easier for everyone and JUST as effective.  I can Skype for those of you who prefer to see my smiling face.  I’ll even put on mascara for you, if you’re lucky.  ; )


What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

I will put this as simply as possible.  When we’re dealing with high-functioning (meaning that you do not have a mental health diagnosis that seriously interferes with your ability to function), I have found that this explanation sums it up perfectly…


Therapy is designed (though not always used this way, these days) to move a person from DYSFUNCTIONAL to FUNCTIONAL. 

Coaching is designed to move a person from FUNCTIONAL to OPTIMAL.


There are many people in therapy that would actually be better served by a coach.  If you would like to hear more on this topic (I am also a licensed psychotherapist), join my mailing list and I will be happy to send you my most recent article that thoroughly explains the differences of therapy and coaching for a new moms who are struggling with the transition. 


What kind of results should I expect?

Ahhh, the good stuff. 

One (of the many) things I love about coaching is that the client determines the focus.  I coach new moms in a VARIETY of areas.  It’s quite common that a mother begins working in one area and soon realizes that this area of life (family, e.g.) is completely connected to every other area (finances, social life, personal development, career, fun and enjoyment, health and aging, spirituality, intimate and social relationships, etc.).  Coaching focuses on all aspects of one’s life in order to find that fulfilling balance for which every mother strives.

The Rad Mom Program addresses these four core elements to becoming the powerful, joyful, fulfilled, RAD mother and woman that you want to become:

  1. How to proudly reconnect with your authentic self, discover your passions, realize your potential and dreams and rid yourself of harmful guilt.
  2. How to stay focused on the important things, both for you and your family, and achieve that healthy, fulfilling BALANCE.
  3. How to maintain your passion and energy, indefinitely.
  4. How to achieve your short and long-term goals in life by eliminating barriers, not just moving through them (because they will reappear).


The Rad Mom Coach develops plans that are HIGHLY personalized.  For this reason, my Rad Mom graduates also have reported:

  • Drastically increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Discovery of personal motivations, strengths and talents they didn’t even know existed
  • Much, much, much less stress
  • Powerful reprioritization which helps them to drop the unimportant things in life (which creates more time and balance)
  • Improved relationship with partner and family
  • Improved ability to be present with children
  • Improved patience and understanding
  • And so many more…

The exciting thing about all of this is that this is all within reach.  This is ABSOLUTELY ACHIEVABLE for all of us.


If you could master my four elements of becoming a Rad Mom and accomplish YOUR GOALS, what do you believe this could do for you?  What might it mean for your relationship with your children, your partner, YOURSELF?  What would this be worth to you?


Does a coach need to have a certification?

Absolutely, without a doubt, YES.  Many people who are not certified coaches, are out there are calling themselves coaches (booooooooooo…).  The Rad Mom Coach is highly trained by one of the best coaching schools out there.  She is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) which exceeds the requirements of the International Coaching Federation guidelines.  In addition, Kacey is certified in one of the most powerful schools of thought and methodologies.  (curious?  Click HERE).


What is the next step?

The next step is to schedule a 30 minute complimentary “Discovery Session” over the phone where you and I will quickly know if we are a good match to work together.  You will have a chance to try coaching on for size and will be able to ask ANY question you would like about what I do.  Hey, it’s free.  Why not.


How much does it cost?

Many new moms are anxious about the changes in time and finances having children inevitably brings.  In fact, I’d be willing to bet that many of you are thinking… “RIGHT!  Like I have the money or the time to add one more thing to my to-do list!”.  I’ve heard it all and do understand.  However, I know the value of coaching and know that you will soon understand as well.  Believe it or not, coaching helps you to find more hours in the day (I know this sounds super sales-y and hard to believe but just trust me on this one).  Coaching and prioritizing your life (in alignment with your values) brings more hours to your day to do the things that are important to you (and accomplish all of those responsibilities).  As far as the monetary cost, I can assure you that the value of accomplishing the things you want out of your life GREATLY exceed what you pay.  Remember, we are working on what is important to YOU.  This is an investment in your life, your dreams, your future.  With that being said, my passion and purpose is to help new moms to transform their lives in a profound and amazing way.  Because I do truly care and want this for my moms, I will always try to work out an affordable plan for those who are worried about affording my services and are ready and motivated to make amazing changes in their lives.  Click HERE for more information on my packages.