It’s That Time of the Year! Save Some $$$$.

Rad Moms:

  • Does your life feel completely out of balance?  Unfulfilled?
  • Have you lost touch with yourself as an individual?  Feel like your life has little depth?
  • Do you feel stuck or unsatisfied with the way things have been going?
  • Having trouble with planning and staying organized?  Overwhelmed?
  • Ready to take back control and live a fulfilling, RAD life?

Join us in rediscovering a meaningful and JOYFUL life-balance!  Just in time for you to radiate alongside the summer’s sun.    

Mamas.  There’s more.  Once a year, we open up our services at a discount to moms who are ready to make positive change but who might not feel like she can afford coaching.

For a limited number of mamas, we are offering a free consultation plus all of our coaching packages are 25% off!  That’s over a hundred dollars off each package.  Craaazy cheeap.

All coaching is done over the phone.  No need to even leave your house.  If you are interested in partnering up, contact Kacey Kaufman, CPC, LCSW-R, aka The Rad Mom Coach, at or call 516-996-6079 and we will schedule your free consultation.  

Stop the procrastination cycle NOW.  We only have a few spots so claim yours!

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