“I loved working with Kacey. I looked forward to our sessions and came away feeling inspired, confident, and at ease. We had fun, too! Although its been some time, I regularly recall solutions we discussed which keeps propelling me forward. I’m so grateful for that”.  -Sara


“Before my coaching experience with Kacey I was living the life I always dreamed of as a stay-at-home mom of two little girls, yet I spent most days feeling miserable.  Somewhere along the way I lost my self confidence and passion, ending up in a deep rut.  Through working with Kacey I found my self again!  Each week throughout the coaching process I learned a little more about myself, what it is that I want out of life, and the skills to make that happen.  Now I embrace and enjoy this precious time with my children while also nurturing my strong, independent, awesome self.  As I continue to grow and life continues to change I know I’ll be speaking with Kacey again.  I am so grateful to have her in my corner, cheering me on!”.  -Kimberly


“Just wanted to thank you again for an awesome session yesterday.  You tapped into a part of me that I hadn’t even discovered about myself and I liked what I saw.  Can you say, “BEST COACH EVER?!!!!?” -Ariane


“I was able to face my issue head on and know I had someone who had my back the whole time. There is something about that feeling that is invaluable and I have never forgotten my coaching sessions with Kacey”.  -Victoria


“About 20 minutes into my (exercise), I started thinking about how happy I was to be there and moving, how ultimately it was my change in thinking due to coaching that got me there, and how grateful I am to have this coaching experience. Aaaand then I started to cry. Ha! Thank you for doing what you do and following your dream because in turn you are teaching so many others to do the same. Amazing!  -Kim


“…by the end of my first session, I felt a breath of refreshing confidence I hadn’t felt in a long time.”  -Anne


“I have done coaching with The Rad Mom Coach recently, and I cannot say enough positive things about it!  I recommend it to all women.  Everybody needs a coach in their corner.  I am so glad she is in mine!!”  -Amy

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